Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blue Dot Junkie

Sitting in my office at the gym where I spend most of my days... feeling a little guilty that yet again I'm not on the gym floor assisting the members... I've spent the last 19 days following the fabulous Tour Divide race (experience?) 2012.

Olly Whalley currently of ChCh has put up a new record time, fellow Kiwi Nathan Mawkes is pushing on and Chris Bennett also of NZ is not far behind. As is usual for this event - a few superhuman individuals have finished but the majority of the field has still to complete and 35 have fallen to broken bodies, bikes and spirits.


My morning routine for the last 20 or so days goes something like this:

1. Wakeup to annoying phone alarm - always thinking I must change the tone but never doing it...

2. Hit bluedot app (link?) and wait for screen to update rider positions...

3. Check the pedal packing site discussion for updates and to get a feel for what the dots are telling me...

4. Check Joe Polks fabulous MTB Cast for audio call-in updates - scanning for people I know or know of, the humerous and the sometimes painful accounts from riders as they relay the highs and the lows of their experience...

All of this before I get out of bed and no doubt to the annoyance of my wife as she tries to sleep on past the 5am that is the start of my day.

Coffee and some further scanning usually followed by a furious rush to dress as I get out the door and onto the bike to zip into work.

Yes - I am a blue dot junkie!

But where to from here?

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